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25th Annual EMS Night held March 13

Photos provided Several EMS awards were presented at the event. Pictured here are Eric Loose, paramedic, Star of Life Award; Tom Krueger, paramedic, Distinguished Service; Benjamin Horstmann, EMT, Distinguished Service; David Cuppy, paramedic, Distinguished Service and Years of Service; Nick Grabe, Star of Life and Years of Service and Jeremy Wolfenbarger, EMT, Star of Life. Not Pictured: Allen Smith, paramedic, Star of Life; Randy Athmann, paramedic, Star of Life; Cory Palm, paramedic, Star of Life, Wa...1 / 2
Nathan Selstad, RN, program manager of EMS/Trauma Education, Children's Hospitals and Clinics presented information to the audience on "Keeping It Real - Practical Pediatrics in the Field." This emphasized taking care of children in emergency situations.2 / 2

Eighty-five EMS personnel from local fire, rescue and police departments attended Tri-County Hospital's 25th annual Emergency Medical Service (EMS) program. The event was held on Tuesday, March 13 at M-State, Wadena campus.

"This program is designed to provide an educational update for Emergency Services personnel in the Tri-County Health Care service area," explained Allen Smith, Tri-County Hospital EMS manager. "It's also an opportunity to recognize our area fire, rescue and police departments for their tireless efforts and dedication to emergency services in their communities."

Speakers included Dr. John Pate, TCHC EMS medical director, who gave a presentation on medical updates, Allen Smith, TCHC manager of Emergency Response Services on the topic "Integrated Disaster Response," and Nathan Selstad, RN, program manager of EMS/Trauma Education and Jim Levi, NAEMT-P, Children's Hospitals and Clinics, who presented information on "Keeping It Real - Practical Pediatrics in the Field."

Several EMS awards were also presented to area personnel:

• Distinguished Service (This distinguished service award is given to employees with outstanding vision, dedication and commitment to excellence.) Full-time: David Cuppy, paramedic; part-time: Benjamin Horstmann, EMT; projects: Tom Krueger, paramedic.

• 1st Responder of the Year (This award is given in appreciation of the many volunteer hours and quality emergency care provided to the communities they serve) Wayne Stave, Verndale Fire & Rescue.

• Star of Life (The Star of Life award is given to emergency personnel for making an extremely noteworthy contribution to efforts which resulted in saving a life.) Randy Athmann, paramedic (2 in 2011); Allen Smith, paramedic (2 in 2011); Eric Loose, paramedic; Jeremy Wolfenbarger, EMT; Cory Palm, paramedic; Nick Grabe, EMT; Ed Borchardt, EMT - Henning Ambulance

• Years of Service Star (In appreciation of five years of loyal and dedicated service) Matt Wedde, EMT and Nick Grabe - both 5 years; David Cuppy - 10 years.

EMS night is a free event held every March sponsored by Tri-County Hospital Emergency Medical Services and Central Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Region. For more information, or to inquire about the 2013 event, contact Jenny Hoppe, TCHC administrative services, at (218) 631-5234.