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Smith shares wintertime hobby with lure-making club

Photo by Brian Hansel. Jeremy Smith shows Verndale students a lure that he made Tuesday during a demonstration of his winter hobby -- making artificial tackle.1 / 2
Verndale student Bryan Bertram examines one of the lures Smith passed around the room.2 / 2

If you tried to peg Jeremy Smith by his college degrees you would land a mile away from the world he has carved for himself.

You start to get warm when you find out that Smith was a fishing guide in northern Minnesota during his college days.

Smith, who has a degree in biology/business from Gustavus Adolphus and a degree in education from Bemidji State, is general manager for Lindner Media Productions. That is Lindner as in Al, Ron, James, Daniel and Bill - the most famous fishing family in Minnesota. Working for the Linders gives Smith plenty of time to fish.

"I mix my passion with my work," Smith said.

In addition to being connected with Lindner Media, Smith also happens to be a good friend of Verndale instructor Matt Parker. When the Verndale speech pathologist received the green light from administration to start a noon hour lure-making club for students, he decided to ask Smith over from his home in Baxter to address his group. Smith was in Verndale's art room Tuesday to demonstrate some of his skills in lure-making. He showed the club some lures and even made a lure for them using his own materials and tools.

Parker is still trying to lay a good foundation for his club. Smith's visit came a week after Parker's class had an Internet chat with Larry Dahlberg, a Hall of Fame angler who is a guide, tackle inventor, writer, filmmaker and television host.

The time Smith spends on the water in the summer months, seeking muskies, bass, walleye and sturgeon in some of Minnesota's top fishing lakes, is a perfect time to experiment with his lures and cook up new ideas. Smith pointed out to the club that some fish respond mainly to color and motion while others might be attracted by noise or smell.

"The nature of angling is trying to refine your technique," Smith said.