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WDC Knowledge Bowl team competes in regional contest

Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools. Wadena-Deer Creek High School juniors, from left, Joey Pate, Josh Lund, Mike Paavola and Drew Larson, competed in the Knowledge Bowl regional contest Feb. 28.

The Wadena-Deer Creek High School Knowledge Bowl team of juniors - Joey Pate, Josh Lund, Mike Paavola and Drew Larson - participated in the regional competition in Brainerd Feb. 28, where 21 teams were challenged in this academic quiz fest.

According to WDC Knowledge Bowl coach, Dawn Paurus, Knowledge Bowl is a sport for the mind. Setup like Jeopardy, but for teams, Knowledge Bowl involves fast-paced thinking and teamwork. Questions are based on the topics covered in high school, such as math, science, history, language skills, literature, music, geography, as well as current events.