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Regional Science Fair results announced

The Freshwater Education District held its Regional Science Fair on Thursday, Feb. 16, at the Bertha Community Center. Students from Bertha-Hewitt, Browerville, Eagle Valley, Henning, Pillager, Motley, Staples and Verndale Elementary Schools who were the top winners in their own districts went on to compete in the FED Regional Science Fair. Listed are the 2012 Science Fair Results:

Fourth Grade: Research

Grand prize: Ashley Black, Staples

First place: Riley Woida, Bertha-Hewitt

Second place: Katelyn Zillmer, Henning

Second place: Lauren Stormoen, Eagle Valley

Third place: Allison Asfeld, Eagle Valley

Honorable mention: Kailey Wilson, Browerville; Emmalee Toon and Shelby Bakken, Bertha-Hewitt

Fourth Grade: Experiment

Grand prize: Levi Vorderbruggen, Henning

First place: Garrett Carlson, Staples

Second place Ben Olander, Browerville

Third place: Jillian Cuchna, Eagle Valley

Honorable mention: Bereket Loer, Browerville; Arden Homola and Kevin Zillmer, Henning

Fifth Grade: Research

Grand prize: Hunter Dietman, Staples

First place: Tyler Reese, Henning

Second place: Hunter Seefeldt, Verndale

Third place: Lili Schneider and Hannah Dolezal, Staples

Honorable mention: Krystal Yoder, Pillager; Kayla Sweno, Henning; Hunter Lamb, Bertha-Hewitt; James Barrett, Verndale

Fifth Grade: Experiment

Grand prize: Erica VanDenhuevel, Bertha-Hewitt

First place: Samuel Eckel, Eagle Valley

Second place: Zakary Irsfeld and Lucas Iten, Browerville

Honorable mention: Brady Emery, Browerville; Kallee Abbas, Kiara Storry and Abby Seamann, Staples

Sixth Grade: Research

Grand prize: Nate Chaffin, Bertha-Hewitt

Grand prize: John Hansen, Henning

First place: Hannah Lindquist, Browerville

First place: James Engebretson, Verndale

Second place: Robert Richter, Verndale

Third place: Derek Sudbeck, Eagle Valley

Honorable mention: Brook Maijala, Bertha-Hewitt; Christina Asfeld, Eagle Valley; Stacy Richter, Verndale

Sixth Grade: Experiment

Grand prize: Jacob Pederson, Henning

First place: Haley Youngbauer, Verndale

Second place: Adam Bauch, Bertha-Hewitt

Second place: Charlie Bakken, Bertha-Hewitt

Second place: Addison Neal, Verndale

Third place: Joe Fink and Jordan Host, Browerville

Honorable mention: James Follmer, Bertha-Hewitt; Nick Niemi, Motley; John McIntire, Verndale