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630 iPads in future for WDC students, faculty?

There could be 630 Apple iPads in the future for Wadena-Deer Creek students and faculty.

Technology Coordinator Aaron Johnson made his technology capital requests for the 2012-2013 school year and it included an iPad option with a total price tag of $350,000.

Apple iPads would be cutting edge technology for use in the new secondary school this fall. Johnson noted that there is $288,274 of technology funds available but $62,000 in capital funding would have to be found for the iPad option.

The iPad units would travel with the instructors and students. They would replace some textbooks and be capable of upgrading with new curriculum from day to day. They could also use curriculum especially designed by individual instructors. Johnson told the board that each unit would have a lifespan of 4-5 years.

Johnson gave the board options of buying the iPads outright at $480 apiece or arranging a three-year lease at $120,000 a year.

Johnson's capital requests for 2012-2013 came to $79,320. The requests included 54 replacement computers for elementary labs ($45,900), Lightspeed Total Traffic Control ($5,320), JMC Renewal ($5,000), Infocentre Support ($1,100), Nurse's Aide Support ($500), Microsoft Site License ($8,000), Discovery Streaming ($4,000), RUS Grant Set-up costs ($9,500) and unplanned costs ($5,000).

There is $500,000 in unspent insurance proceeds which are designated for the new secondary school. That money is earmarked for new infrastructure ($153,476) and 17 laptops for middle school and high school students in the Computer Aided Design and Project Lead the Way program ($29,750), 30 laptops for the Media Center ($28,500) and 120 laptops for 5-8 grade social studies and math ($114,000). If the board takes the iPad this year the purchase of the 120 laptops would not be necessary.

Meeting these costs would leave the district with $174,274 .

Insurance funds already spent include $672,000 for cabling and infrastructure and $595,000 for replacement costs of the phone system, computers, servers and other miscellaneous items.