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WDC staff attend iPad presentation at Little Falls

Several Wadena-Deer Creek School staff recently attended a presentation in Little Falls where they learned more about Project REAL, the 1:1 iPad initiative in grades 5-12 at Little Falls School District.

WDC staff got the opportunity to hear from Little Falls students, teachers and administrators about the use of iPads in the Little Falls School District, and how instruction and the materials they use are changing. Little Falls teachers and students from their elementary schools, middle school, and high school were on hand to share with WDC staff on how they are using the devices.

Wadena-Deer Creek staff who attended the presentation included: Holly Becker, Tyler Church, Keith Ferris, Lori Grendahl, Todd Hale, Aaron Johnson, Zach Martin, Kali Matthiesen, Loni Niles and Brenda Thelen.