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MOST of Us campaign aims to convey positive messages

Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools Recording the MOST of Us radio ads at the KWAD/KNSP/KKWS studios, from left: Joey Price, Rick Youngbauer, general manager of KWAD/KNSP/KKWS; Sayde Anderson, Ricky Price, Brooke Umland, and Heidi Happel, CHAMP Coalition coordinator.

If you've heard the MOST of Us radio ads featuring Wadena-Deer Creek High School students, you may wonder, "Who are the voices in those ads?"

WDC High School students Sayde Anderson, brothers Joey and Ricky Price, and Brooke Umland narrated the radio ads with the help of Heidi Happel and Rick Youngbauer. Happel is a community health promotion specialist at Wadena County Public Health. Happel also serves as the coordinator of the CHAMP Coalition which supports the MOST of Us campaign. The radio ads were recorded at the KWAD/KNSP/KKWS studios in Wadena. Youngbauer helped the students with the radio ads in the recording studio and then produced the ads for airing on their radio stations.

According to Happel, the goal of the MOST of Us campaign is designed to highlight the difference between reality and perception about teen drinking and use positive messages to change behavior.

"Most kids over-estimate the extent to which their peers are using alcohol which can influence behavior," Happel said. "I think it is important to recognize that most WDC students are making healthy decisions. Research has shown it is very important for parents to talk early and often, in developmentally appropriate ways, with children and teens about their concerns regarding alcohol. Adolescents who know their parents' opinions about youth drinking are more likely to fall in line with their expectations."

The MOST of Us campaign also includes posters, billboards and a video ad featuring WDC High School students shown at the Cozy Theatre. The WDC SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) program has helped deliver the message at WDC High School as well.

"WDC school staff and administration have been phenomenal partners and key to implementing the MOST of Us campaign," Happel said.

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