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One Act on to State competition

Photo provided Row 1: Lindsey Juers, stage manager; Beth Schmitz, crew; Anissa Mench, crew; Jodanna Albers, crew; Nick Mertens as Player 3; Samantha Kirkland as Marie Winteler. Row 2: Adam Leverson as Player 2; Darylann Webb, crew; Matthew Fank as Conrad Habicht; Alyssa Gilster as Helen Dukas; Henry Arrigoni as Maurice Solovine; Hope Norenberg as crew; Hope Dumpprope as Elsa Einstein; John Thalmann, assistant director; Allison Monson as Player 5; Isaac Berger as Player 1; AJ Tollefson as Player 6; Austi...

Wadena-Deer Creek Drama Department's One-Act Play, "Relativity," earned a first-place finish at Sections on Saturday, Feb. 4 at Wadena Memorial Auditorium. WDC advances to the State One-Act Contest on Thursday, Feb. 9 at O'Shaughnessy Auditorium on the campus of St. Catherine University in St. Paul.

According to Jay Patterson, WDC One-Act Play director, it was an amazing day for WDC at Sectionals, as the competition was stronger than in past years. WDC's performance as one of the judges said, "was stellar."

"When the results came, the roof went off," said Mr. Patterson. "Our students who had worked so hard were rewarded."

Park Rapids took second, Eagle Valley finished third, but only one play has the privilege of going on to the very prestigious State One-Act Contest at O'Shaughnessy Auditorium.

"When the kids walk into [O'Shaughnessy Auditorium], they will drop their jaws in awe," said Mr. Patterson. "They perform Thursday morning which is tough, but I think these kids will be ready for that. They will be before the best directors and the best plays in our state."

"Relativity" centers on the life and impact of Albert Einstein and is based on a biography written by Walter Isaacson.

Congratulations, One-Act Play cast and Mr. Patterson!



Albert Einstein Austin Korkowski

Marie Winteler Samantha Kirkland

Mileva Maric Marie Hunt

Pauline, the mother Beverly Fank

Maurice Solovine Henry Arrigoni

Conrad Habicht Matthew Fank

Elsa Einstein, a first cousin Hope Dumpprope

Helen Dukas, a long standing secretary Alyssa Gilster

Player 1- Chorus Isaac Berger

Player 2- Chorus Adam Leverson

Player 3- Chorus Katelyn Windels

Player 4- Chorus Nick Mertens

Player 5- Chorus Allison Monson

Player 6- Chorus AJ Tollefson

Stage Manager Lindsey Juers

Crew Jodana Albers

Crew Anissa Mench

Crew Beth Schmitz

Crew Hope Norenberg

Crew Darylann Webb