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Wrestling builds flexibility, strength and confidence

Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary physical education teacher Dirk Schulz explains to third-grader Zachary Shaw where to place his arm for a wrestling move on classmate Brayden Kleinke.

During a wrestling unit in physical education class, Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary students learned a variety of moves, which ultimately build flexibility, strength and confidence.

According to Dirk Schulz, physical education teacher, students begin class with relays and tumbling, and then move into drill and live wrestling.

"The unit is one of my favorites for two reasons," said Schulz. "The first is seeing the students overcome their anxiety when it comes to wrestling. The second reason I enjoy the unit is because it allows the students the opportunity to build body strength. The students' own body weight, along with that of a partner, really makes for a great strength workout."