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Verndale school sees fund balance grow

Carlson Highland presented a 2011 financial audit to the Verndale School Board Dec. 19 that indicated the fund balance will continue to grow.

The report showed a growth of $350,919 in the general fund and $24,981 in the food service fund. The increases were partially offset by a $19,796 drop in the debt service balance fund and a $1,719 decrease in the community education fund. Verndale superintendent Paul Brownlow indicated that the debt service fund is monitored by the state and is not allowed to have a balance of more than five percent to pay for the district's building bond, which will be paid off in 2014.

The board approved the levy limit of $408,131.65, a levy which is expected to net the district $3,778,420.54 in state aid, according to District 818 Business Manager Brian Jacobson.

Federal projections for 2012 are unaffected by levy decisions, according to Jacobson. The Verndale administration is estimating federal revenues of $147,340.65 for the school's general fund. Federal revenue for the district's food service was $209,432 last year.

"We would anticipate that to be close again this year," Jacobson said.

Protection Systems Inc. will be installing sensors on outside doors to alert Verndale office personnel if a door is left ajar.

The cost of the sensors is $1,550. Brownlow reported that in the near future school personnel will use key fobs to gain entrance to the building.

The board also approved the 2012-2013 master contract with the teaching staff. The staff's salary/benefit package will increase 7.44 percent over that period.