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Photos provided The 2011 WDC Homecoming Court (from left): Peyton Horn, Jesse Kern, Bailee Schissel, Jacob Ludovissie, Queen Lauren Girard, King Jonathan Goeden, Jake Rude, Jenna Ludovissie, Logan Meyer, Avery Jackson, Ryan Redfield and Breanna Speed.1 / 10
2011 Homecoming Queen Lauren Girard and King Jonathan Goeden.2 / 10
Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools Captured here is the moment when 2010 Homecoming King Brandon Schmitz was about to place the tiara on Lauren Girard and crown her the 2011 Homecoming Queen. Seated next to Lauren is candidate Peyton Horn. The voting of the king and queen is determined by students in grades 9 through 12.3 / 10
Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools The WDC Homecoming king candidates anxiously await the crowning of this year's king at WDC's Coronation ceremony at Wadena Memorial Auditorium. From left: Logan Meyer, Jacob Ludovissie, Jake Rude, Ryan Redfield, Jesse Kern and Jonathan Goeden.4 / 10
Wadena-Deer Creek senior Britta Moen dresses in 1920-era attire during "Blast from the Past Day" Tuesday during Homecoming Week at Wadena-Deer Creek High School. Moen is holding an Oct. 28, 1929 newspaper which highlights the day the stock market crashed.5 / 10
Looking way, way back in the past during "Blast from the Past Day" Tuesday during Homecoming Week are, from left: Bailee Schissel, Amanda Kramer, Jenna Ludovissie, Avery Jackson and Amy Fillhouer.6 / 10
Photo by Vicki Pearson/WDC Elementary Brenna Leeseberg, Macie Denny and Izzy Johnson admire the volleyballs on the wall during homecoming week at WDC Elementary.7 / 10
Photo by Vicki Pearson/WDC Elementary Third-grader Connor Dirks shows off his outfit for Pajama Day, part of the WDC Homecoming Week activities.8 / 10
Photo by Vicki Pearson/WDC Elementary WDC juniors dressed in blue, their color of the day: Hanna Jacobson, Brooke Umland, Shana Horn, Kaitlyn Peters, Sam Killian Jacob Krause, Sarah Craig, Evan VanErp, Kaitlyn Volkmann, Melissa Moenkedick.9 / 10
Photo by Vicki Pearson/WDC Elementary Part of the Homecoming festivities at WDC Elementary was to dress as your favorite Holiday. Students came to school in everything from a Valentine, Christmas Cheer and Deer Hunting, one of Minnesota's biggest holidays! Shown is first-grade instructor Heidi VanDyke as she celebrates all of the holidays on her sweater!10 / 10

At the Wadena-Deer Creek Coronation ceremony Sunday evening, the 2011 Homecoming King and Queen were crowned. The 2011 Homecoming King and Queen are Jonathan Goeden and Lauren Girard. They were crowned by 2010 King Brandon Schmitz in a suspenseful "passing of the crown" over each candidate's head.

Seniors Addie Dunker and Mariah Wood served as masters of ceremonies at the coronation program held in Memorial Auditorium in front of parents, relatives, school staff and community members. Junior Macy Hartman provided the piano music while senior Austin Korkowski entertained the audience with his rendition of "Hotel Yorba." Grand Marshals Nellie Wegscheid and Theresa Sievers were introduced and both conveyed their appreciation in representing WDC at the Homecoming parade.

Queen Lauren Girard is the daughter of Mike and Karen Girard. Her attendants are: Peyton Horn, daughter of Scott and Lisa Horn; Avery Jackson, daughter of Jay and Junelle Jackson; Jenna Ludovissie, daughter of Bob and Kim Ludovissie; Bailee Schissel, daughter of Dave and Kim Schissel; and Breanna Speed, daughter of Steve and Sandy Speed.

King Jonathan Goeden is the son of Gregg and Joan Goeden. His attendants are: Jesse Kern, son of Steve and Brenda Kern; Jacob Ludovissie, son of Bob and Kim Ludovissie; Logan Meyer, son of Loren and Kathy Meyer; Ryan Redfield, son of Shawn Redfield and Lisa Leeseberg; and Jake Rude, son of Scott and Rhonda Rude.