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WDC 'pays it forward' for Zach Gabbard

Photo by Dana Pavek, WDC Schools Representing the WDC Student Council, from left, Mike Paavola and Brad Becker, show some of the coins from the fundraiser.

Wadena-Deer Creek High School students and staff are paying it forward for Zach Gabbard, the Perham student-athlete who collapsed during a boys' basketball game in Glyndon in January. Last week, WDC students and staff dug deep in their pockets and raised $1,469.43 for Zach. The fundraiser, Coins for Zach was organized by the WDC Student Council.

Grades 9-12 who raised $1,215 for the "Coins for Zach." In first place was Kelly Shrode's class with $320.22.

Seventh- and eighth-grade students and staff at Deer Creek raised a total of $254.43 for the "Coins for Zach" fundraiser. Dawn Paurus' 6th-hour class raised the most with a total of $86.12.

WDC Schools is also selling bracelets and T-shirts to help defray medical costs for the Gabbard family.