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Northwest Division of Student Councils raise $9,000 for WDC Student Council

Student councils representing 20 schools from northwestern Minnesota gathered for this photo to kick off the fundraiser for WDC Student Council. The theme was "Extreme Makeover ... Wadena Edition."

When Wadena-Deer Creek High School Spanish teacher Brenda Thelen opened her mail on Wednesday, she thought she needed new glasses.

Enclosed in a card addressed to the Wadena-Deer Creek Student Council was a check.

"I looked at it and said, "Oh ... my .... goodness!" said Thelen, who serves as co-advisor to the WDC Student Council, along with WDC English teacher, Beth Hawkins.

"I remember just staring at the check ... I couldn't believe what I was seeing," recalled Thelen.

What she was seeing were a lot of zeros behind a 9. The donation was from the Northwest Region of High School Student Councils for tornado relief and it totaled a whopping $9,000.

"When we were told that the northwest region of student councils was raising money for us, we never, in our wildest dreams, thought a check of this size would make its way to our organization," said Hawkins. "We are excited and really touched by the time and effort other schools have put in to help Wadena-Deer Creek."

The northwest division is made up of 20 schools from the northwestern part of Minnesota, from Bemidji to East Grand Forks to Roseau. Each school organized its own fundraiser to raise the money.

The Wadena-Deer Creek Student Council is planning to use a large chunk of the money toward something in the new school. The rest will be applied toward student council-sponsored events, such as Snow Week, the Spring Fling and Homecoming.