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WDC honoring its paraprofessionals

Paraprofessionals who help students at Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary include, front row, sitting, from left: Jane Malone, Linda Paulson, Laura Zeise, Ellen Carlstrom and Sharol Mason; second row, from left: Roxanne Havnes, Tracy Grabe, Deb Folkestad, Jan Bernu, Wendy Porter, Daneen Aldrich, Alicia Jones, and Holly Johnson; back row, from left: Debra Wright, Heather Lopez, Nathan Carlstrom, Lora Schmitz, Connie Klebs, Sherri Kaufman, Joan Greenwaldt, Christi Nelson, and Ginny Haman. Not pictured: Sara Smit...1 / 3
Paraprofessionals at Deer Creek Junior High School, from left: Sue Scheiding, Bev Finnegan, Jan Nelson and Kathy Davis. Not pictured: Jill Boline, LPN, and Betsy Larson.2 / 3
Paraprofessionals who assist students at WDC High School, from left: Diane Hannuksela, Mike Holzer, Bobbie Bullard, Kristi Ice and Jackie Becker.3 / 3

During the week of Jan. 24-28, Wadena-Deer Creek Schools will recognize the contributions of their paraprofessionals throughout the school district.

"Paraprofessionals are an integral part of our school system," Superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom said. "They are important to the vitality of our schools. Our schools thrive in large part because of the strong connections our school personnel make with our students."

Paraprofessionals are individuals who work in a variety of positions throughout WDC's preschool, elementary, high school and Kids' Club. They include student-support paraprofessionals, Title 1 paraprofessionals, special-education paraprofessionals, lunch room and playground assistants, hall monitors, media-center assistants, nursing and more. Paraprofessionals work with students on a daily basis and make a difference in their lives.

A recognition open house to recognize WDC's paraprofessionals was held on Monday, Jan. 24 during the school's staff development workshop. Cake and refreshments were served.