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WDC Robotics Team receives kit, begins to build robot

Wadena-Deer Creek High School robotics team anxiously open up their robotics kit on last Monday filled with parts to assemble a robot.1 / 2
Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools The WDC Terminators robotics team, sitting, from left: Andrew Lemke, WDC student; Joey Pate, WDC student; Matt Salge, Lukas Krueger, and Matt Kertzman, Central Lakes-Staples robotics students; Dylan Gilster and Dennis Loeper, WDC students; back row, from left: Joe Hegarty, instructor, M-State-Wadena; Dave Schissel, owner/operator, Holland Molds Inc.; Len Kalakian, retired professor, Mankato State University; Dan Carter, instructor, M-State-Wadena; Vince Hinojos, IT engine...2 / 2

It was like Christmas all over again for Wadena-Deer Creek High School's robotics team. The team received their kit of robotic parts last week. Now the challenge begins: building a robot in six weeks without instructions.

Not only does the team of students face the challenge of building a robot in six weeks, but the robot must be able to compete in a game.

According to Ann Pate, WDC Robotics team coordinator, the intent of the game is for the robot to carry inner tubes across a field and hang the tubes on a peg on the opposite wall. The higher the pegs, the more points a team will receive. A second smaller robot will also need to shimmy up a pole for more points. While the robot is attempting to complete this mission, other robots will be running interference with the team's robot.

"The kids are excited," Pate said, when asked about the first week of the robotics build season and the upcoming competition in Duluth. Students and mentors meet after school, Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays, to build the robot.

The purpose behind the First Robotics program is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in a mentor-based program that builds science, engineering and technology skills. Furthermore, the robotics program hopes to inspire innovation and communication.

Visit WDC Schools' website for weekly updates on the robot's progress at