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Ready, set, go Wadena-Deer Creek!

WDC is definitely out of the starting blocks and on a fast track! The timers, Kraus Anderson (KA), have scheduled milestones for the race to the proposed finish line/date for completion of the new school facility. At this point, WDC is holding a winning pace; the building plans are currently on track for completion late summer 2012.

Our building process is a relay event, with Perkins+Will (PW) architects in the lead at the moment. The "team" of students, core design staff committee, ad hoc community committee, and board members are working exceptionally well together under the professional coaching of Steve Miller and Ted Rozeboom (PW).

What progress has been made and where are we in the race? To date, students have been given an opportunity to give their input to the building architects after a presentation on the school design process by Steve Miller (PW). Input through a questionnaire is planned and further presentations for students will be made by architects engaged in this project.

The Ad Hoc Community Committee Members are taking action for possible grant opportunities and community connections. Kevin Donnay, Pat Conway and Doug Pierce (architects for different firms) are heading up the community committee to assist with finding ideas, screening for feasibility, searching for ways to pay capital costs of incorporating the ideas, and then make recommendations to the board. Doug Pierce, architect (PW), presented to the Ad Hoc Committee possible sustainable systems and how the systems connect. Funding the various systems such as geothermal heating/cooling and wind turbines are under research, as well as, possible regional partnerships. Community members are very welcome to be part of this working committee.

The Core Design Committee members consist of a cross-section of all WDC staff and administration. This committee is responsible for space allocations within the 167,000 square foot design, to be congruent with curriculum and student learning needs for the future. Members of this committee have visited multiple school sites and provided valuable insight as to the needs of our student population.

School board members and administration have collectively visited 19 state-of-the-art schools around the state, plus facilities in other states. Board members are looking at a broad range of sustainable systems for the new facility. Many decisions will need to be made during this first schematic design leg of the race. During this phase, the board will approve the initial scope of the project (comment and review) which must also be approved by the Minnesota Department of Education.

On Monday, Dec. 20, Steve Miller (PW) will present to Wadena-Deer Creek-Bluffton community members the first schematic design. This will take place from 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. at the elementary music room (no. 38). Please feel welcome to come and view the "first leg of the race" progress!