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Auditor gives green light to Verndale school

Carlson-Highland CPA Brian Jacobson walked the Verndale School Board through an independent auditor's report at its November meeting.

Jacobson pointed out that the Verndale district has benefitted from increased enrollment since 2004, a rarity in outstate Minnesota. He also pointed out that a deficiency in internal controls exists but the district's method for dealing with it works satisfactorily.

"Your structure does not have a good segregation of duties but by reviewing the bills and doing other procedures the board has mitigating control," Jacobson said. "You're watching the books and asking questions."

Highland-Carlson found that the district's final fund budget increased by $360,000 in the year ending June 30.

The board authorized Verndale superintendent Paul Brownlow to seek a finance specialist. The specialist would assemble and verify all appropriate documentation for accounts payable and analyze all bills to assure legitimacy of liability.

The board also approved a recommendation to hire Steve Riewer as head baseball coach for the new Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale baseball team that is slated to begin play next spring.

Indiana Insurance inspected the school building and recommended three essential changes for safety for students involved in wood working and welding shop.