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'Kilroy Was Here'

Photo by Brian Hansel Judy Howard (Tiffany Shultz), Angie Wilberforce (Allison Monson), Hazel Merrill (Hadley Boline), Edith (Marie Hunt) and Ruth Taylor (Alexandra Tollefson) belt out "Don't Say No To The U.S.O." during the musical comedy "Kilroy Was Here."1 / 4
Ruth Taylor (Alexandra Tollefson) is enlisted to help the U.S. Government by Elliot Martin (Kyle Gedde).2 / 4
Eve Denton (Alyssa Gilster) and Leo Pickford (Matthew Fank) dance to "Jitterbug Saturday Night."3 / 4
Soldiers Leo Pickford (Matthew Fank), Carl Ryder (David Najjar) and Kilroy (Austin Korkowski) join riveters Melba Nesbitt (Katelyn Windels), Valerie Foster (Jodana Albers) and Gladys Brooks (Samantha Kirkland) sing the number "Kilroy Was Here."4 / 4