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4-Hers hold awards banquet in Sebeka

Seventh-grade and older records award winners were (l-r): Katie Wegscheid, DarlAnn Webb, Anna Kraemer, Emma Schmitz, Jeffery Erickson, Madigan Cochran and Dustin Bertram.1 / 2
Wadena County 4-H members receive awards at the Fall Recognition Program (l-r) Brandon Wegscheid, Joe Lindroos, Elizabeth Brown, Keisha Bertram and Kayla Trout.2 / 2

The Wadena County 4-H Awards and Recognition Program was held on Sunday October 24th at the Sebeka Methodist Church. This is an annual event recognizes 4-Hers and volunteers for a job well done throughout the past year. The awards program also is a time to present special awards sponsored by local groups and organizations. 4-Hers are rewarded for keeping good records in their various projects and for a higher placing at the county fair level.

Awards and recognitions for 2009-10

Outstanding 4-H Club Secretary: Emma Schmitz, Wadena Juniors

Runner up: Gabi Ross - Leaf River Builders Club

Outstanding 4-H Club Treasurer: Beth Schmitz - Wadena Juniors

D'Juana Belch Dog Project Award (sponsored by Jack and Lucille Belch) Emma Schmitz- Wadena Juniors and Beth Schmitz - Wadena Juniors

"World of Water" Conservation Award (sponsored by Tom and Lisa Kajer) Emma Schmitz, Wadena Juniors

Horticulture Award (sponsored by Verndale Garden Club) 6th grade and younger - Amber Johnson Blowers Rockwood, 7th grade and older Anna Johnson - Blowers Rockwood

Dairy Project Award: Dustin Bertram, Leaf River Builders

Horse Project Award (sponsored by Wadena Co. Horse Project) Anna Johnson - Blowers Rockwood

Club Participation Plaque: Awarded to the Wadena Juniors Club

Dairy Herdsmanship Award (Sponsored by Gene and Brenda Roller) Wadena Juniors Club

Beef Herdsmanship Award - Crow Wing Wild

Health Award (Sponsored by Wadena Co. Farm Bureau) Dustin Bertram - Leaf River Builders Club

Safety Award (Sponsored by Wadena Co. Farm Bureau) Dillon Card - West Jolly Jets

Pride Auction Scholarship Winners Ryan Roller - Busy Beavers & Nathan Wiese - Wadena Juniors

Cloverbud Dog Particpants - Rose Dykoff, Dylan Kern, Elena Ikola, Cole Pearson

2009-2010 Ambassadors - Haley Collins, Misty Uselman, Jessica Paklonsky, Missy Collins, Jenessa Brotherton

Record Awards 6th Grade and Younger

Keisha Bertram, Jesse Collins, Jack Goeden, Toby Hintzman, Elissa Ikola, Amber Johnson, Jessica Langer, Emilee Riggle, Beth Schmitz, Joey Schmtiz, Ashley Shike, Cody Wegscheid, Brandon Wegscheid

Record Awards 7th Grade and Older

Dustin Bertram, Mackenzie Cochran, Madigan Cochran, Meredith Cochran, Missy Collins, Emma Erickson, Jeffery Erickson, Jacob Goeden, Anna Johnson, Sonja Kern, Anna Kraemer, Emma Schmitz, Brandon Schmitz, DarylAnn Webb, Katy Wegscheid, Abby Wegscheid

Adult Leader Recognition Awards (sponsored by Wadena Rotary)

First Year Pin - Chuck Horsager, Penny Nelsen, Bryon Lalum, Sybil Whitaker

Five Year Silver Pin - Janet Dunbar, Becky Wegscheid, Gail Goeden

Ten Year Gold Pin - Darell Richter

Twenty Fifth Year Emerald Pin - Malinda Dexter, Donna Uselman


Sebeka Methodist Church

All Volunteers

Wadena Rotary

Mahlen Trophy

Verndale Garden Club

Gene and Brenda Roller

Jack and Lucille Belch

Tom and Lisa Kajer

Wadena County Farm Bureau