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School's insurance wouldn't extend to community center construction

Wadena-Deer Creek superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom admitted Tuesday that Monday's meeting with the architectural firm of Perkins+Will resulted in some confusion about what District 2155 can finance.

Perkins+Will asked for a meeting with the public in order to ask for ideas about what they would like to see in a new school. The district's senior high and middle school building was devastated by a June 17 tornado and a new building will have to be erected. Perkins+Will have been hired by the district to provide the plans for a new school.

Shortly after the tornado, a group of interested parties called the Wadena 2.0 group was formed. Discussions in Wadena 2.0 meetings have entertained the idea that a community center could be added to the new school.

Dahlstrom said that district's insurance policy covers only the loss of the school and its contents. A settlement is presently being negotiated between the district and the insurance carrier, Riverport Insurance Group.

"The money we will hopefully receive from insurance is the amount to rebuild the current structure as is," Dahlstrom said.

Dahlstrom added that the building site of the new school has not been fully determined. To facilitate the efforts of both Perkins+Will and building contractor Kraus-Anderson, planning up to this point has been based on building a new school on the site of the present school after demolition work is completed.