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WDC school is not a building

Wadena-Deer Creek school is not a building.

We know that now, because the high school building is rubble, but Wadena-Deer Creek school is still strong. Maybe stronger than ever.

I don't know of many people who drove by the tornado-damaged building in the last two month who didn't expect WDC's world to forever be altered. It has been, but maybe for the better.

In the last two months, we've witnessed school leaders pull together and identify its resources, forge partnerships and create solutions, all while the headquarters was nothing more than a pile of bricks.

Just finding a desk and locker for each student is a herculean task in and of itself. But something more has happened. It seems like WDC has more school spirit than ever.

Sure, the students will be spread out this year. But many have commented correctly that it will be kind of nice to have some of the grades separated. It's kind of nice to have some classes at Deer Creek again. It's kind of nice to know St. Ann's classrooms are going to be filled with students again.

Most importantly, the tornado gave the residents of Wadena, Bluffton and Deer Creek a chance to demonstrate to the kids how one should react when he/she is dealt a setback. You get up, dust yourself off, and work even harder.

I'd take the value of that lesson over the familiarity of an old classroom any day of the week.

We learned this summer that WDC school is not a building. It's teachers. It's leaders. It's a community. And it's strong.

Welcome back, Woverines.

Today's Pioneer Journal editorial was written by Steve Schulz, editor and publisher of the PJ.