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East Otter Tail 4-Hers Hold Clothing Day

Cloverbud (K-2) Clothing: Shilo Henderson, Micah Arens, Gabe Geiser, Moriah Geiser, Jacob Ruckheim and Mikayla Geiser.1 / 7
Constructed Grades 3-5: Heather Weller, Kyndall Hamann, Megan Arens, Veronica Schwartz, Matthew Arens, Grace Ruckheim, Samantha Pary2 / 7
Constructed Grades 6-8: Lauren Anderson, Hanna Ruckheim, Mary Riestenberg, Trent Jahnke and Heidi Weber3 / 7
Constructed Grades 9+: Jasmine Henderson, Maren Anderson, Stephanie Hendrickx, Kayla Jahnke, Katherine Wippler and Andrew Riestenberg4 / 7
Purchased Garment Grades 3-5: Heather Weller, Kyndall Haman, Emilee White, Samantha Pary and Katie Koegel5 / 7
Purchased Garment Grades 6-8: Elizabeth Wippler, Lauren Anderson, Ann Hendrickx, Brooke Hendrickx, Samantha Koegel and Alyssa Studer6 / 7
Purchased Garment Grades 9+: Heather Brostrom, Maren Anderson, Jenna Geiser, Stephanie Hendrickx, Edmund Wippler and Katherine Wippler7 / 7

"The Colorful World of Fashion" was the theme for the Public 4-H Clothing Style Show held on July 8.

Winners of the event included:

• Overall Champion for Construction: Andrew Riestenberg

Reserve: Lauren Anderson

• Overall Fashion Revue Construction: Andrew Ristenberg

Reserve: Maren Anderson

• Overall Purchased Garment Fashion Revue: Stephanie Hendrickx

Reserve: Jenna White

• Overall Purchased Garment Display: Stephanie Hendrickx

Reserve: Ann Hendrickx

Court of Honor and purple group winners in each age level are:

• Construction:

Grades 3-5: Kyndall Haman, Heather Weller, Matthew Arens, Megan Arens, Samantha Pary, Grace Ruckheim, Veronica Schwartz

Grades 6+: Lauren Anderson, Mary Riestenberg, Heidi Weber, Trent Janhnke, Javelynn Klem, Elizabeth Wippler, Leah Weber, Andrew Riestenberg, Maren Anderson, Stephanie Hendrickx, Kayla Jahake, Katherine Wippler

• Construction Fashion Revue:

Grades 3-5: Matthew Arens, Megan Arens, Kyndall Haman, Samantha Pary

Grades 6+: Maren Anderson, Stephanie Hendrickx, Andrew Riestenberg, Trent Jahnke, Javelynn Kelm, Leah Weber, Heidi Weber

• Purchased Fashion Revue:

Grades 3-5: Kyndall Haman, Heather Weller, Samantha Pary, Katie Koegel

Grades 6+: Jenna White, Alyssa Studer, Ann Hendrickx, Lauren Anderson, Sam Koegel, Stephanie Hendrickx, Jenna Geiser, Heather Brostrom, Maren Anderson

• Purchased Display:

Grades 3-5: Emilee White, Heather Weller, Kyndall Haman

Grades 6+: Edmund Wippler, Heather Bostrom, Stephanie Hendrickx, Katherine Wippler, Jenna Geiser, Alyssa Studer, Ann Hendrickx, Jenna White, Brooke Hendrickx

Judges for the day included Carol Derby, Jan Roers and Gail Kluenenberg, Wadena and Dyann Tigges, New York Mills.