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FCCLAers attend the state conference

Row 1: Hope Steward, Samantha Wittstruck, Desi Seibert, Hailey Formo, Yalonda Nelson, Whitney Meacham, Adrianna Buettner, Kelsey Schwartz, Faith Knight. Row 2: Kayla Hanson, Anissa Mench, Morgan Schiller, Mike Paavoal, Joey Pate, Drew Larson, Katy Rokenbrodt, Paige Schiller, Desiree Isola, Katelyn Hanson, Cindi Koll.

Twenty one FCCLAers attended the Minnesota State Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Conference April 15-17 at the Sheraton Hotel in Bloomington.

The meeting began with an outstanding state officer presentation including Yalonda Nelson, state vice president of resource and development. It continued with keynote speaker Sam Glenn, author of A Kick in the Attitude. He used humor and art to inspire the audience members to always look for the best direction to take in life.

Thursday evening Peter Bloedel entertained with magic and mind reading. The closing session on Saturday featured Greg Lenn who encouraged us all to strive to be more than just good, but to be great at everything we attempt.

The highlight of the state conference for most members is the STAR Event competition. WDC FCCLAers earned the following awards for their presentations:

• Anissa Mench, bronze

• Katelyn Hanson, Haley Formo, and Morgan Schiller, silver

• Faith Knight and Kelsey Schwartz, silver

• Samantha Wittstruck, silver

• Whitney Meacham and Desi Seibert, silver

• Kayla Hanson and Desiree Isola, gold

• Jodana Albers and Katie Rokenbrodt, gold

• Paige Schiller and Hope Steward, gold

• Adrianna Buettner and Yalonda Nelson, gold

• Desi Seibert and Whitney Meacham, gold

Josh Lund, Joe Pate, Drew Larson and Mike Paavola got to entertain the delegates on Thursday afternoon with their musical performance that was the Region 6 talent advancer.

Adrianna Buettner was named the Outstanding Region Treasurer for 2009-10. Anissa Mench was elected the Region 6 Treasurer for 2010-2011. Yalonda Nelson and Adrianna Buettner earned alternate to national competition honors on their Teen Pregnancy presentation.

Since Nelson had organized the FCCLA Silent Auction, the WDC chapter had the responsibility of manning the auction during the Thursday and Friday of the conference. Nearly $1,400 was raised for the state association.

Chapter parents who attended and assisted chapter members for the conference were Lisa Meacham, Beth Super, Jenny Snook, Lois Ellingson and Roger Schwan, and Mike and Mary Nelson.