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RCC's elementary art show winners announced

After all the voting has been tabulated, the winners of the annual Regional Elementary Art show at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center were announced. The Center hosted more than 1,000 family members and friends and students who visited this elementary show.

The People's Choice winner was actually three classes of kindergarten students (58 children) from New York Mills schools. Nancy Hendrickx, Barb Tumberg and Bridget Weller directed their students in the creation of a wonderful rainbow quilt. This People's Choice winner received 159 votes. All of the students from these classes will receive a kite kit to make and fly this spring.

Nine individual winners will also receive kite kits from the center. These include New York Mills students Austin Hughes, Edan Cassidy, Jackson Veasle, Carson Mann, Kaitlyn Kane and Jackson Veazle.

Frazee students Gavin Vinton (first grade) and Hayley Courney (third grade) and sixth-grade students Gabrielle Weiner and Samantha Szathmary from Wadena schools rounded out the top 10 vote getters. Each artist will receive a kite kit too.