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WDC Kindergartners inviting the community to March Into Technology

Junelle Jackson's kindergartners practice a routine to demonstrate to adults how WDC is using white boards in the classroom.

Want to see how Wadena-Deer Creek kindergartners are using technology in their classroom?

Join them as kindergartners in Junelle Jackson's class will be hosting a demonstration on how they use the Polyvision white board in their classroom from 1:50-2:50 p.m. on Wednesday, March 24.

March Into Technology will be held in Jackson's classroom at WDC Elementary. The community is encouraged to attend this event, which will showcase WDC's latest educational technology.

Kindergarten students will give a demonstration on the Polyvision white boards for the first 30 minutes. The remainder of the time will allow parents, grandparents and the public the opportunity to try the white boards.

Jackson said her students are anxious to show the public how they use Polyvision white boards during their school day.

"They are amazing me every day since we installed the white board into our classroom. They are not afraid of the white board at all. They are eager to learn and can't wait for me to turn it on," said Jackson. "Plus, it is fun for me to be able to find new ways to teach which makes each day an exciting new adventure."

Thanks to a $200,000 technology grant awarded to Wadena-Deer Creek Public Schools recently, students, teachers and staff in both elementary and high school classrooms are experiencing a new level of learning via educational technology. The Polyvision white boards are just one example of how WDC Schools is achieving that goal.