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Danny visits WDC

Photo provided Scent comes up clean when drug-sniffing dog visits WDC.

Danny, the drug-sniffing dog, visited Wadena-Deer Creek High School recently to ensure the high school is a safe and drug-free environment for students and staff.

During the search, students are required to stay in the classrooms, so Danny can make a sweep of all the high school lockers. The searches are not on a set schedule, and their date is not revealed in advance to the students.

After the 30-minute search, WDC High School Principal Tyler Church was pleased that Danny did not find any drugs in student lockers.

"We all value the atmosphere of trust and cooperation between students and staff -- that is instrumental for the success at our high school," said Tyler Church, principal. "We intend to utilize drug-sniffing dogs, like Danny, in the future. We will do all that we can to ensure a safe and orderly drug-free environment in school."

The sheriff's office works in cooperation with the Wadena Police Department during the searches.