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Tri-County Hospital EMT students pass exam

The new EMTs (from left) are Tammy Fosse, Alicia Wynn, Heather Warren, Lydia Stoll and Tiffany Koljonen. Not pictured: Eric Bassamore and Alyssa Meier.

Seven students enrolled in the Emergency Medical Technician course at Tri-County Hospital successfully passed the National Registry test to become certified EMT-Basic in the State of Minnesota. Tri-County Hospital EMS offered the EMT-Basic course this past fall from Sept. 15 to Dec. 31. Seven students participated in the 140 hours of instruction, which includes classroom, practical and emergency room education, and all seven students passed.

"This is a huge accomplishment, not only for the hard-working students, but also for our EMS Department," said Allen Smith, Tri-County Hospital EMS manager. "We pride ourselves on excellent education and the test results of this class are representation of that."

Tri-County Hospital began offering EMT classes in January 2008. Twelve students are currently participating in the course which began on Jan. 5. The next EMT session will begin in May with dates to be announced.

The EMT-Basic course is the entry level course to the Emergency Medical Service and the backbone of EMS in Minnesota. It includes all skills necessary for the individual to provide emergency medical care at a Basic Life Support (BLS) level with an ambulance service or other specialized service. EMT-Basics' undergo 140 hours of instruction including classroom, practical and emergency room education. The training includes anatomy and physiology, documentation, lifting and moving, communications, airway management, Patient assessment, and cardiac arrest management. Under successful completion of this course, the student will be eligible to take the National Registry test and certify as an EMT-Basic in the State of Minnesota. The EMT-B must complete 24 (state) to 48 (national) hours of continuing education every two years to maintain their certification. There is a cost for the course.

To register or for more information about enrolling in the EMT-Basic course, please contact EMS Education at (218) 632-8738.