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Jerry Anderson leaving WDC post

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School board member Pete Hayes listens as Wadena-Deer Creek business manager Jerry Anderson makes a point following Monday night's special meeting. The board approved Anderson's retirement. Anderson has been the WDC business manager for 16 years.2 / 2

WDC Schools Business manager Jerry Anderson will be ending a 16-year association with District 2155 in February.

Anderson submitted his retirement letter at Monday night's special board meeting. The board approved it and Chairwoman Ann Pate expressed the gratitude of the entire board to Anderson for his excellent service.

Anderson, 65, is leaving WDC so he may begin drawing his Public Employees Retirement Association benefits. He has not ruled out the idea of returning to work in the future.

"I probably will always work as long as I am able," Anderson said.

While Anderson's retirement caught members of the board by surprise, it is a move that Anderson has been contemplating for a couple of months. Anderson said he has had some talks with WDC Superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom about retiring but did not submit his letter earlier because of the workload it would have placed on other district employees.

"It was easier for me to do than someone else," Anderson said.

Anderson was a full-time employee of the school district until July 2007, when he was reduced to half-time because of budget cuts. Anderson has since been dropped to just 30 percent of his original workload.

"That was of my own choosing," Anderson said. "I was trying to help someone else."

The school board made $760,000 in budget cuts last spring and will make further cuts this spring.

"He's been very mindful of the financial situation that we have," Dahlstrom said.

Dahlstrom assured the board that she would be advertising the position and spoke very highly of Anderson.

"He's a great guy -- thorough, efficient and up front." Dahlstrom said.

Anderson grew up in North Dakota but has spent most of his working life in Minnesota. His career has also included positions in the banking and insurance industries. The Andersons have many friends in the Wadena area and intend to remain in the community, he said.