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District biz manager takes long view of levies at WDC

A bit of checking by Wadena-Deer Creek Business Manager Jerry Anderson revealed an interesting fact at Monday night's public levy hearing.

The levy hearing, which followed the regular monthly meeting of the District 2155 school board, revealed a total levy increase of $535,645.

"Had we not had a successful referendum our levy would have dropped about 2 percent, about $24-25,000," Anderson stated.

District 2155 voters approved an $800 levy increase per pupil in November despite a nationwide recession. The vote increased the school's levy from $1,202,031.63 in 2008-09 to $1,737,677.32 for the 2009-10 school year.

Anderson took a look at the 13-year levy history for District 2155 and compiled levy figures for each school year. The checking revealed that the 2009-10 levy is very similar to the 2000-01 levy of $1,753,746.35. That figure dipped sharply in 2001-02 when the state was going to totally fund all K-12 education and removed all the local levies. The 2001-02 levy for WDC was $583,229.58. The levy has been inching its way back up in the last eight years.

For school board member Dan Toedter, Anderson's report was a confirmation of a long-standing belief.

"That was what I was sort of telling people during the referendum that we are just trying to get back to where we were and that is where we got back to," Toedter said.

Anderson gave full credit to the voters of the district.

"If the state was doing their job, funding education, we wouldn't have had to go to the voters like we did and thankfully the voters came through to help support the district," Anderson said.