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Area Lions Club contribute to 'new' Wolverine mascot

WDC Schools has a new and improved Wooly the Wolverine mascot -- thanks to the generosity of Bluffton, Deer Creek and Wadena Lions Club. The new Wooly made his debut at the state volleyball tourney in mid-November. Pictured with Wooly are WDC students Kevin Tumberg and Kelsi Crawford.

Thanks to the generosity of the Wadena, Deer Creek and Bluffton Lions Clubs, Wadena-Deer Creek Schools has a new Wolverine mascot to help generate school spirit at pep fests and games.

Each Lions Club donated toward the purchase of a new mascot uniform. The old mascot uniform was almost 12 years old and was showing signs of wear -- holes in the paw slippers, matted fur and worn spots on Wooly's face. According to WDC High School paraprofessional/school store manager Jackie Becker, Wooly had seen a great deal of use through the years.

"Wooly the Wolverine adds an abundance of school spirit at elementary and high school pep fests and sporting events," said Becker, who is considered the "school-spirit coordinator" at WDC. "The little Wolverine fans especially love Wooly - they just light up when they see him."

Be sure to look for the "new" Wooly the Wolverine at WDC's upcoming sporting events.