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Public Notice Nov. 6, 2009 Special Board Meeting Minutes

Public Notice

Nov. 6, 2009

Special Board Meeting Minutes

A special meeting of the Board of Indepen-

dent School District No. 2155 was called to

order by Chairperson Ann Pate at 5:04 p.m.

Board members present: Dan Toedter, Ann

Pate, John Moenkedick, Steve Techam,

Wayne Perkins, and Pete Hayes. Adminis-

trators in attendance included: Superinten-

dent Virginia Dahlstrom.

A motion was made by Hayes, seconded

by Techam, to approve the agenda. Motion


A motion was made by Perkins, seconded

by Hayes, to approve the Adequate Yearly

Progress (AYP) mandated report and plan

prepared by the AYP Committee. Motion


The following resolution was introduced by

board director Techam:

BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of

Independent School District No. 2155 as fol-


It is hereby found, determined and de-

clared that the special election of the voters

of the district held on Nov. 3, 2009, was in all

respects duly and legally called and held.

As specified in the attached Abstract and

Return of Votes Cast, a total of 1,850 voters

of the district voted at said election on the

questions increasing the general education

revenue by $650 for Question 1 and $150 for

Question 2 for a total of $800 per pupil unit,

of which Question 1 had 1,058 voting in fa-

vor and 787 voting against with 5 under

votes and Question 2 had 947 voting in favor

and 876 voting against with 27 under votes.

Said proposition, having received the ap-

proval of at least a majority of such votes, is

hereby declared to have carried.

The school district clerk is hereby author-

ized to certify the results of the Election to

the county auditor of each county in which

the school district is located in whole or in


The above resolution was seconded by

Moenkedick. Motion passed.

The board reviewed the snow removal

equipment issue for the upcoming winter

season. The board requested the Grounds

Department compile a list of equipment, as

well as the age of equipment and when re-

pairs were made by the next regular school

board meeting on Nov. 16.

A motion was made by Perkins, seconded

by Toedter, to approve an evaluation of our

current equipment, and as needed, the rental

of a skid steer from Evergreen Equipment at

$850 per month and/or $45 per hour for the

2009-10 winter months. Motion carried.

Superintendent Dahlstrom reported on a

budget reduction workshop on Nov. 24. The

workshop is being sponsored by the NJPA

designed for Region 5 superintendents,

board members and administrators. Those

interested in attending included: Dr. Dahl-

strom, Ann Pate, and Dan Toedter.

Being no further business, a motion was

by Hayes, seconded by Moenkedick, to ad-

journ the special board meeting at 5:41 p.m.

Motion passed.

122985-1010811 11/28