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WDC Elementary honors Veterans Day winners

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"What Veterans Day Means to Me" by Nolan Killian

Veterans Day is a day we celebrate to remember the many important people who have served in our Armed Forces. The people that served our country give up jobs, time with their families, and sometimes their lives to fight for our freedoms. These freedoms include choosing your own religion or school, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, and the right to vote. The freedoms that we have are what make the United States such a great country. I am thankful for the veterans that serve or have served our country. Without them, the United States of America would not be so cool.

"What Veterans Day Means to Me" by Stephen Spilman

Veterans Day means to me honoring the brave men and women who served during war time and peace time. We can honor them by praying for those who are in other countries keeping the United States safe, and by visiting veterans to learn about what they did in the service.

The men and women who served made very large sacrifices. They lost friends and family in wars as well as their own safety and comfort.

We can honor veterans by helping them live with the bad experiences they suffered.

Most of all we can honor them by remembering what they did for the country. That's what Veterans Day means to me.

Poster Contest

"America's Military Heros"

3rd Grade - 1st Place

Starr Hansen

Abby Motschenbacher

Kylee Hopp

Devyn Norenberg

3rd Grade - 2nd Place

Brooke Miller

Nick Kine

Hanah Rohr

Leah Spilman

4th Grade - 1st Place

Jackson Becker

Jackson Boline

Katlyn Heaton

4th Grade - 2nd Place

Jezebel Snyder

Joseph Baker

Christopher Hahn

"What Veteran's Day Means to Me" by Wyatt Fitzsimmons

When I think of Veterans Day I think of the people who died for our freedom. I think of honoring those who fought in wars and those who didn't. I think of how bad it must feel to see your friends killed in a war. Veterans Day means thinking of the men and women that were in the military.

We honor veterans by having a program every year. We also honor them by singing songs about them.

When I think of Veterans Day I think of the shock of having a relative die in a war. I think of how brave people must be to go into a war and watching people die all around you.

When I think about Veterans Day I think of my grandfather and my great uncle. I think of my cousins that are in the Air Force and the Navy.

I think veterans should be honored every day of the year. That's what Veterans Day means to me.

"What Veterans Day Means To Me" by Hannah Vorderbruggen

Veterans Day to me means a time when we Americans can think about the men and woman who served for us. Freedom is not free, people died for you and me. What a big sacrifice.

Some freedoms we have are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and so many others. Think what it would be like if we didn't have all those freedoms. We wouldn't be able to say what we want, go where we want, or do what we want.

Some wars that have gone on are World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq, Desert Storm, Gulf War and Afghanistan. Many veterans have fought in these wars. Sometimes people don't know how to express their gratitude toward veterans and current deployed soldiers. A simple "thank you" is the best way to show your thanks.

Soldiers are people who seek a life to touch and they care so deeply.

My grandpa was in World War II. He was so proud that he fought for our freedom. Also I know someone who is in the Army now and may get deployed to Afghanistan.

Next time you see a veteran or a currently deployed soldier and you just don't know what to say to express your feelings, just say "thank you."

This is what Veterans Day means to me. God Bless America.

"What Veterans Day Means To Me" by Elijah Schmitz

What Veterans Day means to me is that ordinary people went to fight for my freedom and for the freedom of our country. It means people have died fighting for this freedom we take for granted. There are soldiers still fighting for freedom today.

We should remember the brave men and women that have gone to war and will never again see our country's shores. We should think of the families that are still waiting for their loved one to come home. And we should never forget those who are still missing in action.

Veterans Day is a day to thank all of the veterans for their sacrifices and to celebrate the freedom they have given us. It's a day that we set aside to remember and honor them. We should carry this into our everyday lives. It doesn't have to be Veterans Day to say "Thank You."

This is what Veterans Day means to me.

"What Veterans Day Means to Me" by Jacqualine Judd

To me, Veterans Day is a day to remember that men and women that serve around the world. They do this to protect our freedom and bring freedom to others.

These men and women are courageous. They are brace to go around the world to use weapons and sometimes die.

It is important to be patriotic. Being patriotic shows that you support the troops and love our country. Hanging the flag in your yard, sending gifts to the troops, saying the pledge everyday -- those are all good things to do for patriotism. These are all the things that Veterans Day means to me.