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Public Notice Independent School District 2155 Board Minutes October 19, 2009

Public Notice

Independent School District 2155

Board Minutes

October 19, 2009

The regular meeting of the Board of Inde-

pendent School District No. 2155 was called

to order by Chairperson Ann Pate at 5:05

p.m. Board members present: Dan Toedter,

Ann Pate, John Moenkedick, Steve Techam

and Pete Hayes. Absent: Wayne Perkins

Administrators in attendance included: Su-

perintendent Virginia Dahlstrom; Business

Manager Jerry Anderson; Community Edu-

cation/Food Service Director Sandie Rentz;

Elementary Principal Louis Rutten; High

School Principal Tyler Church; and Activities

Director Brian Silbernick.

Prior to the meeting, Chairperson Pate

recognized 11 WDC High School choir stu-

dents who recently participated in the 21st

Annual High School Choral Festival at NDSU

in Fargo. Choir student representatives Tess

Kirkland and Daniel Berger told the board

the experience was "awesome." They

learned how to improve their singing style

and appreciated the opportunity to attend.

A motion was made by Moenkedick, sec-

onded by Hayes, to approve the agenda with

one addition, under Board Business: Assu-

rance of Prohibiting Discrimination. Motion


A motion was made by Hayes, seconded

by Toedter, to accept the board minutes from

the Sept. 21, 2009 meeting. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Techam, seconded

Toedter, to approve the following contracts:

•Linda Johnson, elementary paraprofes-

sional ECFE/preschool

•Annette Lillquist, ECFE/preschool teacher

•Brian Silbernick, head girls' basketball


Motion passed.

The board discussed the Post-Employ-

ment Benefit Valuation Report. No action

was taken.

Business Manager Anderson presented

the September financial reports. A motion

was made by Hayes, seconded Moenkedick,

to approve the financial reports and payment

of bills as follows:

•Vendors: checks #15507 to #15690 total-

ing $334,378.42

•Hand payables: checks #13479 to

#13508 totaling $65,956.57

•Building fund: check #1846 totaling


•Imprest cash: checks #16860 to 16893 to-

taling $3,289.84

Motion passed.

A motion was made by Techam, seconded

by Toedter, to accept the following resolution

to authorize application for the MSHSL

Foundation grant:

BE IT RESOLVED, by the School Board

of Independent School District No. 2155,

State of Minnesota, as follows:

1. The Board determines that the MSHSL

Foundation grants are a worthy cause in that

such grants assist, recognize, promote, and

fund extra-curricular participation by high

school students in athletic and fine arts pro-


2. The Board hereby determines and de-

clares that it is a worthy endeavor to apply

for a MSHSL Foundation grant with the pur-

pose to seek students whose family income

may be limited and encourage them to par-

ticipate in athletic and fine arts programs in

District #2155.

Whereupon said resolution was declared

duly passed and adopted.

The board tabled the request for a five-

year lease for snow removal equipment until

a legal review of the lease is completed.

On May 28th, 2009 the teacher's union

representative sent an official notification to

NJPA/Health Partners and the board chair

stating their change in insurance plans. On

July 14, 2009 a discussion was held with Da-

vid Jessop, NJPA representative, regarding

the remaining employee groups staying with

NJPA. A motion was made by Techam, sec-

onded by Moenkedick, to acknowledge the

teachers' union decision to accept the PEIP

insurance program as of January 1, 2010.

Motion passed.

Principal Rutten reported on receiving a

grant securing unspent Title V monies. The

grant will be used for bully-awareness edu-

cation for staff and for purchasing additional

white interactive boards and projection sys-

tems in the elementary.

Superintendent Dahlstrom reported on the

Instant Alert System. She explained the sys-

tem allows the school to send messages to

parents/guardians' phones to notify them of

their sons'/daughters' lunch account balanc-

es, closing of school due to inclement weath-

er, special projects/assignments, health up-

dates and more.

Board members reported on each of their

committee meetings they've attended over

the last month.

Superintendent Dahlstrom reported on the


•H1N1 update regarding students absent;

•Wadena-Deer Creek Adult Basic Educa-

tion report

•Canvassing of the election - choosing a

date and time

•Committee updates: Health & Safety,

SAR, Foundation

•Attending a legislative meeting in St.

Paul, Oct. 20th

The board decided to meet at 5 p.m., Fri-

day, Nov. 6 to canvas the election results

from Nov. 3.

Board member Techam requested current

enrollment numbers be available at the next

regular board meeting.

A motion was made by Techam, seconded

by Moenkedick to adjourn the meeting at

6:11 p.m. Motion passed.

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