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Recycling Magic Show teaches, entertains

Isaac Ries uses his "third eye" to help magician Greg Allen with a trick in Tuesday's show.1 / 11
Greg Allen, playing "Tim" in a skit about recycling, does not like the strong smell of the trash.2 / 11
Mona'e Payton, left, Emma Erckenbrack and Emma Teiken pay close attention to the feats of magic.3 / 11
Brody Feela busts out laughing while Rebeka Snedker wears a grin during the magic show.4 / 11
Trash man Theo Spitz drops litter for recycling into a pan held by Emma Mehl.5 / 11
Wyntere Carr pats Emma Mehl on the head as she plays the good fairy.6 / 11
Magician Greg Allen flew up from Florida to present "The Magic of Recycling" at area schools for the Otter Tail County Solid Waste Department. The show was used to educate and motivate students to reduce, reuse and recycle.7 / 11
Payton Rondesvedt applauds a trick.8 / 11
Magician Greg Allen finds himself with a lot of paper to recycle.9 / 11
Wyntere Carr laughs after being crowned with a shiny blue wig and silver crown.10 / 11
Allen lines up his cast of Theo Spitz, Emma Mehl, Wyntere Carr, Summer Rodriguez, Joshua Dykhoff and Adam Schwartz.11 / 11