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The school year: it's almost here

I know it's hard to believe, but school is almost back in session. I hope everyone had a great summer and found some time to relax and have fun. Our fall activities are already under way, with the football, tennis, volleyball, cheerleading and cross country teams nearing the end of their second week of practice. We have great numbers in terms of participants and are looking forward to a successful season for all fall activities. Please make sure to come out and support our teams as games, matches, and meets begin.

As the first student school day approaches on Sept. 8, there is another date I would like to make people aware of. We will have our seventh grade and new student orientation at 7 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 31 in the High School Commons. The purpose of this orientation is to help the incoming seventh-graders and new students to our school become familiar with our building and policies before the actual first day. All new students and seventh-graders should have received an informational packet about the evening. If you did not, please contact the high school office at (218) 632-2300. Also, if there are new students in town who plan on attending Wadena-Deer Creek, please stop by the high school office and register as soon as possible.

We continue to be proud of the academic opportunities WDCHS has to offer, and this year is no exception. We have done our best in maintaining our Senior to Sophomore program with the continued offering of a number of college level courses for our upperclassmen. We have also done our best in providing students with opportunities in terms of fine arts, visual arts, business, family and consumer science, and industrial education courses. We understand the importance of providing a variety of opportunities for our students and have done our best to make this a reality.

We do face many challenges as we go forward. Each year we are expected to meet higher standards with shrinking budgets and fewer teachers and support staff. Our students are required to pass more mandated tests and yet still master a greater number of standards in their regular education classrooms. We recognize these difficulties, but also understand we are not alone in these challenging times. On behalf of the school and students at Wadena-Deer Creek, I would like to thank our communities for the continued support you have shown us. Your commitment to the students of WDC is very much appreciated and is a big reason we are looking forward to another successful year.