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Johnson spearheads Wadena M State campus clean-up

Although he may not look like the cleaning product icon, Dean Monty Johnson at M State's Wadena campus is earning a reputation as the college's Mr. Clean.

When Johnson arrived at M State to serve as dean of academic and student affairs, he came armed with years of teaching experience and a personal knack for leadership. He became concerned about reports from the fire marshal that indicated old and outdated materials were improperly stored on the campus.

Johnson took the lead in getting the Wadena campus to recycle materials worth thousands of dollars. Along with Vern Wiederich, supervisor of facilities services, Johnson determined that things were going to change on his watch.

"I am impressed with Monty's energy and 'take charge' attitude," said campus Provost Cris Valdez. "He's a real pleasure to work with, but Monty also gets things done."

By using a chute, roll-off containers and lots of elbow grease, the campus unloaded literally tons of materials to make the campus cleaner and safer. The cash return on the recycled materials totaled more than $5,000.

"Along with our reconstruction project currently under way, this clean-up will make our campus far more attractive and welcoming for our students this fall," Johnson said. "It's just a much more professional atmosphere to work and learn in."