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WDC honors staff for years of service

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Wadena-Deer Creek School District recently recognized 18 of its staff for reaching their years of service milestones.

Framed certificates were presented by Louis Rutten, elementary principal, and Tyler Church, middle/high school principal, during the school’s first day of a two-day staff workshop on Aug. 28 in the Wadena Memorial Auditorium.  

Their combined experience is a total of 290 years! WDC thanks these individuals for their wonderful service and dedication.

10 years of service: Keith Ferris, second-grade teacher; Todd Hale, junior high social studies teacher; Dewey Imdieke, elementary custodian; Tabitha Petrowski, speech/language pathologist; Leanne Ries, ECFE coordinator; Dan Savoie, third-grade teacher; Lois Schulz, high school social studies teacher; Kelly Shrode, high school science teacher.

15 years of service: Joanne Kern, Kids Krew staff; Connie Mosher, middle-school special education teacher; Richard Muckala, industrial arts/ag teacher; Sharon Schultz, elementary custodian.

20 years of service: Jan Bernu, preschool teacher; Ginny Haman, elementary paraprofessional; Holly Johnson, elementary paraprofessional; Bob Lund Jr., elementary custodian; and Chris Wegscheid, middle/high school custodian.

30 years of service: Connie Klebs, elementary paraprofessional; and David Sea, fourth-grade teacher.