Helping students achieve success during MCAs


As the school year continues at Wadena-Deer Creek Middle/High School, life for our students is as busy as ever. In the classroom, our students are continuing to work hard at understanding and comprehending our state standards. All of this hard work in the classroom is preparing our students to do well on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) that we will be starting in April.

The focus of our school is to provide students with a well-rounded education. We want our students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. In terms of academics, we stress the importance of taking a variety of courses. It is our belief a well-rounded education better prepares our students to be successful on the state MCA tests. These tests demonstrate where our students are in regards to understanding the Minnesota Standards. Assessments such as the MCAs help us gain a better understanding of our students' strengths and weaknesses. This then allows us to adjust and improve our curriculum to better meet our students' needs.

Standardized testing in the school will not be successful without support from home. We need parents/guardians stressing to our students the importance of doing their best on the tests. Encouraging your children and being proud of them for trying is an absolute must for successful testing.

Parents/guardians can also help in other simple ways. We need to encourage children to get a good night's sleep before testing dates, eat a good breakfast and to take their time when testing. These simple things will give our students a better chance to be successful on the tests. Successful testing can be a source of pride and is a great motivation for working hard in the future.

Our ultimate goal is to see our students strive to excel and improve from year to year. We want our students to work hard and give their best effort when they are required to take the state tests. By teaching our students to try hard and giving them a pat on the back when they do, there is no doubt in my mind we can be successful with our standardized tests.

MCA Testing Schedule:

April 3 — 5 5th Grade Reading

April 6 — 8 8th Grade Reading

April 10 — 12 6th Grade Reading

April 13 7th Grade Reading

April 18 8th Grade Math

April 20 — 21 5th Grade Math

April 19 10th Grade Reading

April 19 11th Grade ACT

April 25 — 26 6th Grade Math

April 24 11th Grade Math

April 27 7th Grade Math

May 1 — 3 5th Grade Science

May 4 8th Grade Science

May 10 — 11 10th Grade Science