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Poetry on the Wall

A New York Mills fifth-grader's poem about spring time took top honors in the first ever "Poetry on the Wall" contest.

The Greater Wadena Arts League sponsored the competition throughout April, National Poetry Month. Children and adult poets entered works, which were posted throughout the month at The ArtsPlace, a downtown Wadena gallery beneath An Open Book and Harvest Thyme Bistro.

Mim Maas, league president, said the group is planning to make the competition an annual tradition. This year, about two dozens poems were submitted.

"It was small," Maas said. "But we're hoping next year there will be more and we'll grow it every year."

Two judges, who wish to remain anonymous, selected the winners in three adult categories and a separate children's division.

Brainerd resident Charmaine Pappas Donovan topped the "shaped poem" category with "Mojave Grave." With her poem called "Enough," Jeanna Crosno of Audubon won the "rhyming" category. And Rhoda Jackson of Park Rapids bested the "free prose" category with "Untitled."

The top three child poets took home cash prizes - $15 for first, $10 for second $5 for third place.

Maas said she was amazed at the students' skill and creativity.

"I think they're wonderful," she said. "It's such a learning experience for the kids."

1st Place - "Spring poem"

By Cydnie Polman, 11, a student in Rita Askew's 5th grade class at New York Mills Elementary School

The river is flowing

While the grass is glowing

When the wind is blowing

The farmers are showing

As the crops are growing

While the mowers are mowing

The kids are out-growing

The trucks are towing

When grandmas are sewing



2nd Place - "Mischievous"

By Rhiannon Jenkin, 9, a student in Jodee Finn's 3rd grade class at Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary School

What is more mischievous, squirrels stealing huge walnuts from a walnut tree, or rain drops making mud puddles and waiting for someone to step in the puddle and get their? New beautiful awesome shoes all muddy.

3rd Place - "Spring in Minnesota"

By Hunter Sleen, 10, a student in Rita Askew's 5th grade class

Spring is colorful

It is also joyful

We are very playful

And helpful

Spring is not awful

It is cheerful

And peaceful

I am grateful to live in Minnesota