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WDC fifth-graders building bottle rockets, learning about aeronautics

WDC fifth-grade teacher David Sea demonstrates how to put the fins on a 2-liter pop bottle during science class. Students Taliah Brown and Tony Kreklau listen to Mr. Sea’s instructions.

Wadena-Deer Creek fifth-graders are learning how to build rockets this week in David Sea's science class.

Water rockets have been a source of entertainment and education for many years in Mr. Sea's fifth-grade science class. Students enjoy the challenge of building their rockets, following a step-by-step process. Then, the grand finale at the end of the week is to launch rockets outdoors and see how high and far they go.

The rockets are made with an empty two-liter plastic pop bottle by adding water and pressurizing it with air for launching. Water rockets are used in schools to help students understand the principles of aeronautics.