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Foster grandparents recognized for volunteerism at WDC Schools

Wadena-Deer Creek’s foster grandparents were honored recently for their time, talents and skills with a recognition program at the WDC elementary media center.

Foster grandparents work one-on-one with youths who may need extra help at Wadena-Deer Creek Schools, WDC kids club and Otter Tail-Wadena head start. Foster grandparents also serve as mentors to youth that need extra emotional support. These dedicated volunteers serve a minimum of 15 hours per week and are often described as “indispensable” and a “joy to work with” by staff.

From September 2013 to February 2014, these 11 volunteers served an astonishing 6,046 hours at WDC Schools. They include: Joan Bakken, Phyllis Jackson, LeRoy Keppers, Carol Klindsworth, Stella Loween, Marcella Mohs, Leona Porter, EvaFern Terry, Carol Wallace, Jo Weiher and  Arlene Wynn.

At the ceremony, Wadena Mayor Wayne Wolden read a proclamation honoring the foster grandparents for their service on National Service Recognition Day, April 1. He said their hours of service are “phenomenal.”

“Today we are honoring you for your service. We are grateful for volunteering more than 6,000 hours over the last six months – that’s phenomenal!” said Mayor Wolden, adding, “I know from personal experience at M State, our students appreciate the care and time you give to their children at little kids club.”

Foster grandparent area supervisor Becky Martinson was also on hand for the ceremony, acknowledging the importance of foster grandparents and their service to WDC.

“I’m so grateful for the support the Wadena-Deer Creek school system and the Wadena community has always shown the foster grandparent program,” Martinson said. “I would also like to thank Mayor Wolden for recognizing  the amazing contribution the foster grandparents provide to the school and the students they work with. There is nothing more magical or effective than the intergenerational relationship that develops between the child and the foster grandparent.”

An excellent showing of support from WDC staff and teachers were at the program, where everyone enjoyed cake, refreshments and conversation.