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WDC Elementary celebrates improved test scores

By Louis Rutten, Principal, WDC Elementary

At WDC Schools, classrooms have settled into their routine events, students are living up to great expectations, and are tackling new content with excellent effort.  We are especially pleased with the support our parents and community have given us each and every year and most importantly, we are impressed with the efforts of students.  

     This support and effort is crucial to the success of all learners and it results in great recognition for our school community.  WDC Elementary learned recently that we are a Celebration Eligible School based on the Minnesota Department of Education’s Multiple Measures Rating (MMR) system.  This means our students’ achievement levels on Spring 2013 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments were among the most improved from Spring 2012 levels when compared across multiple measurements and against all schools in the State.  The top 10 percent performing schools are designated Reward Schools, the next 25 percent are deemed Celebration Eligible.  WDC Elementary will submit our Celebration School application to the state by November 1.  

     WDC’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) teams began their year-long study of instruction that clearly communicates learning goals (based on the State Standards) and tracking student progress using scales (rubrics).  These teacher teams will also focus on the integration of new technologies in the classroom.  With new applications and devices available to deliver engaging content, it is important to always be looking and trying new ways to deliver instruction.  The PLCs meet during the late starts throughout the year and will continue to identify essential outcomes in all curricular areas. 

     As we head into November, we thank you again for your continued support for our students and staff in our mission to “build a legacy of excellence…one student at a time.”