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Police Scanner - March 8 Edition

Feb. 22

• Two individuals were reported to be fighting in the parking lot at Thrifty White in Wadena before heading off in opposite directions. One of the people in the encounter was armed with a machete.

• A man informed the Wadena Sheriff's Office that his son was attempting to pull a vehicle out of the ditch with a tractor a half mile from Highway 10. The woman operating the vehicle was believed to be intoxicated because once she was pulled out she drove back into the ditch.

Feb. 23

• A male member of the Sentenced to Service (STS) crew allegedly made inappropriate comments to two females on the STS crew.

• Assistance was rendered to the Wadena Police Department after a report was made about a couple fighting in a motel room. The male offender left in a gray SUV rental with Maryland plates. It was suspected he might be heading for Detroit.

Feb. 25

• A caller reported a vehicle belonging to his wife as stolen. The man said his wife was allowing her new boyfriend to drive the vehicle. The caller was advised the wife would have to report the vehicle stolen.

Feb. 26

• A 911 call alerted the Wadena Sheriff's Office to a verbal argument which allegedly led a woman to slit her wrist. Law enforcement officers responding were told there had been a misunderstanding with his girlfriend who lived in North Carolina.

• A man called 911 and said someone was following him and causing a disturbance. He wanted police assistance.

• A caller informed the Wadena Police Department his shop had received a call from a police department stating a golden Dodge Ram pickup was involved in a hit-and-run at Orton's. The caller was informed by the WPD it had received no hit and run calls from Orton's. A half-hour later the hit-and-run was reported again. A black Grand Prix had front-end damage. Orton's had a video of the incident.

• A complainant reported her son was harassed by a neighbor while playing in his yard. The neighbor was advised to leave the boy alone.

Feb. 27

• A complainant alleged $2,500 was stolen from a safe in her residence. She also said no one but herself had a key to the safe. The home had not been broken into and the theft may have occurred as early as Jan. 1.

Feb. 28

• The driver of a vehicle which almost struck a squad car was given a warning for inattentive driving.

• A man reported his mother was receiving strange phone calls and he had found footprints in the yard. The complainant thought it was part of a scam. He was advised to place trail cameras on the premises and contact the telephone company. An officer stopped to speak with the woman but she did not answer the door. Extra patrols were promised.

March 1

• A suspicious van with a sleeping male inside was found in a spot where the Verndale Police Department usually park their personal vehicles.

March 2

• An elderly man complained about hearing loud noises at night in his home. He asked a responding officer to see what kind of animal was in his basement. The officer did not find any animal or any evidence of one.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.