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Jury trial set for Wadena man accused of killing wife

Antonio St. Marie

The trial of Antonio St. Marie is scheduled for Jan. 8-19 in Wadena County.

Benton County Judge Robert Raupp heard motions by Defense Attorney Malcolm Whynott and Assistant Attorney General David Miller Monday at the Wadena County Courthouse. In closing the hearing, Raupp said he would rule on Monday's motions and objections in the next two weeks.

Members of the respective families attended, while Raupp heard motions concerning evidence by both attorneys.

St. Marie, who is being charged in the Nov. 7, 2016 shooting death of his estranged wife, Margaret, was also present at Monday's hearing. He has pled not guilty.

The shooting took place at Margaret St. Marie's home on Bryant Ave. SE in Wadena. Shortly afterwards, Antonio St. Marie was involved in a collision with another vehicle on State Highway 29 west of Wadena while being pursued by law enforcement.

Jury selection is expected to take up the first week of the upcoming trial according to Whynott, who filed a motion for a change of venue last July.

The 26-year-old St. Marie is charged with nine criminal counts with the first one being premeditated murder (first degree).

Raupp, a Seventh District court judge out of Benton County, will be presiding over the trial in January.