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WDC student given the 'royal treatment' with a special dress

Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools WDC second-grader Katelyn Gardner wears the dress that was altered and donated by Now & Forever Wedding Gallery for Katelyn's role as the Good Witch in the Spring Music Program recently. Kneeling next to Katelyn is Deb Nelson, WDC Elementary music teacher.

When WDC second-grader Katelyn Gardner was asked to be the Good Witch for the Wizard of Oz medley at the Spring Music Program, she was beyond excited.

After school, she rushed home to find her purple-and-gold princess dress she wore at Halloween. It would be the perfect dress for her role as the Good Witch!

When the day of dress rehearsal arrived, Katelyn anxiously changed into her princess dress. But to her dismay, it didn't fit anymore -- Katelyn had grown since October!

Elementary music teacher Deb Nelson sprung into action and called Now & Forever Wedding Gallery. Shop owner Dorothy Beyer immediately welcomed Katelyn to come to the shop. Katelyn tried on several dresses before choosing a gorgeous red dress with sequins.

Beyer and Jackie Endres, Now & Forever employee, made alterations to the dress to fit Katelyn's frame.

"They gave her the royal treatment," said Nelson of Beyer and Endres, who donated their time and the dress for Katelyn.

For Katelyn, the attention she received from Beyer and Endres made her feel very special.

"I felt like a real princess when I wore the dress," said Katelyn. "It was beautiful!"

When the moment arrived for Katelyn's debut as The Good Witch, she skipped arm and arm with Dorothy, fellow student Allyson Swenson -- and they both performed beautifully.

"I went by my family two times! They clapped extra loud for me," said Katelyn, with a smile only the Good Witch could display.

Nelson relished in the sight of a happy student, as well as the generosity of Beyer and Endres for making this little girl feel like a princess.

"It was truly heart-warming to see this all come together for Katelyn," said Nelson.