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Wellspring Nutrition opens in Wadena

Photo by Rachelle Klemme Diane Iliff, who took ownership of Fitness For Women in March, opened her new business Wellspring Nutrition in the same building.

In a health club by Wadena's busy railroad tracks, shakes aren't just the rattle on the windows any more.

Diane Iliff took over the ownership of the Fitness For Women gym on March 1 and opened Wellspring Nutrition on March 23.

Iliff is an Herbalife International distributor, but the name of Wellspring Nutrition was her own idea. She said the idea of Herbalife is to get healthy, fast nutrition to the public in a fun, creative way.

"I can create these meal replacement shakes for people that want to come in and spend some time at the club and visit with me about nutrition, whether it be for weight loss, or muscle and strength, or other health issues," Iliff said. "It's a comfortable place for people to come and learn about nutrition -- and get a shake as an added benefit."

Customers can get tea along with the shake.

"The shake is, of course, your meal replacement. The tea complements that with its thermogenetics," Iliff said. "You would have to eat a 1,500-calorie meal in order to get all the nutritional value, what's in a 200- to 230-calorie shake."

She said that the idea is to not have to sacrifice nutrition when trying to lose weight, and also said that the shakes give complete nutrition when today's food is over-processed or depleted of nutritional value.

Iliff said the shakes are high-protein, low-calorie, low-fat and contain the necessary macro-nutrients along with the protein and fiber that the body needs.

Herbalife provides more than 60 recipes to its distributors. So far, some of the most popular ones at Wellspring Nutrition have been Snickers, Very Berry and Mudslide. There are four different flavors of tea.

For those with allergies, there are variations of the shakes free of lactose, whey, soy, gluten and other ingredients.

Next to Wellspring, the Fitness For Women gym continues to operate.

Before it was independently owned around 2009, Fitness For Women used to be Curves For Women. The gym uses the same basic concept of a 30-minute workout around different stations.

Iliff said she herself had been doing the circuit the last couple weeks and noticed a benefit.

On May 1, she and an employee plan to get certified in Zumba and utilize the space, and in the summer, she hopes to get someone in for Pilates.

While it is a women's gym, Iliff said she might have times set aside for the guys, too.

Iliff was an Herbalife consumer before becoming a distributor.

"I first knew I wanted to open my own nutrition club after I was successful using the products to lose weight," Iliff said. The building was big enough to fit the kitchen in with the gym.

Even though it is a recent venture, Iliff has been a student of herbs as a natural way of health for years. She said the name Wellspring Nutrition was from her faith and said she believes that God gave herbs for people to utilize.

Iliff, who is from Bertha, also works part time with the United States Postal Service in Eagle Bend. She used to be a reporter for the Independent News Herald in Clarissa and was a columnist for The Dairy Star for 10 years. The family lives on a farm and previously had an active dairy business.