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Leaf River Ag Service announces 2011 Chick Days

Leaf River Ag Service announced its 2011 Chick Days: Cheaper Buy the Dozen, providing poultry raising resources to the Wadena community on April 15. The popularity of raising poultry in both farms and urban backyards is sweeping the nation and providing chicken owners with healthier meat and eggs, homegrown food and fun pets.

"Farm families have known the joys of raising their own poultry for years, but people everywhere are beginning to realize the many benefits of raising poultry, even if it's right in their backyards," said Kim Thurston of Leaf River Ag Service. "We are excited to help families get started with their own flocks, so they too can participate in the chicken raising trend."

Leaf River Ag Service offers chicks, goslings, ducklings, turkeys, and pheasants. All hatchlings must be ordered in advance by calling (218) 631-1020.

"Last year's Chick Days activities were such a success, we're excited to help more people learn to raise their own poultry," said Thurston.

"Chicken owners know their eggs are fresh and natural and can be confident in the treatment of the meat they eat as well as the fun activity for the whole family to get involved with," said Thurston. "For adults there's a sense of pride and of self-sufficiency in raising your own food, and children learn responsibility and make a worthwhile contribution to the household by caring for the flock."

All three Leaf River Ag Service locations, Wadena, Bluffton and New York Mills, will be offering the Chick Days promotions. Leaf River Ag Service in Wadena is located at 1504 Homecrest Ave SE.