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Take it home from Behlianno's

Photo by Rachelle Klemme George and Cindy Behl are renovating what used to be the back room at Currie's for their new take-and-bake pizza restaurant Behlianno's to hopefully be opened on Tuesday.

Wadena will get a take-and-bake pizza place when Behlianno's opens, tentatively set for Tuesday, March 29, and patrons can grab a movie while they're there, too.

Cindy Behl said that while there are several pizza restaurants in Wadena, Behlianno's has a different niche in that it will strictly offer take and bake pizza and does not have the facility to cook the pizzas.

She said they will also offer paninis, wraps, pasta, soup and salads and hope to set up three or four tables for dining in.

As for the pizza itself, she said there will be the standard varieties like the single and double toppings, supreme and alfredo pizzas, but they will try some special varieties like taco pizza and Thai pizza.

Behl said she is also open to feedback and suggestions, and they are not going to put up a full menu board right away.

The title is a play on Cindy and George Behl's last name, and the restaurant shares space in the Currie's building with Everything Under the Sun. They will have separate entrances, but they also share a connecting door.

Cindy Behl said that they are working closely with Everything Under the Sun's owners, and the idea is for a one-stop to pick up a dinner and movie.

Cindy Behl said she considers herself "plane jane" in terms of her personal taste in pizza, preferring the Canadian bacon and pepperoni, while George Behl likes the works.

Even though they have work experience, it is their first time owning a restaurant.

"We have visited many Papa Murphy's, and my husband's cousin owns a couple of Papa Murphy's in Nevada," Cindy said.

Behl put in an application to be included in the Food Support program, saying it would be a nice opportunity for people who otherwise cannot afford to go out to eat. Because it is a take and bake facility, she said she hopes it will meet the requirements.

"We're experimenting with some pastas right now that would also be take home and bake," she said.

All Papa Murphy's restaurants work with the SNAP program too, she said, but it is not a guarantee for Behlianno's yet.

The Behls said that while starting their own business is time-consuming, they don't plan to quit their jobs.

George Behl is a transit coordinator for Friendly Rider, and Cindy Behl is currently laid off, but has worked in the banking field and in Community Action with energy assistance.

"We're hoping to help grow the community and hoping that people will like it," Cindy Behl said.

The Behls have been busy renovating the building space to get ready to open the new restaurant in what used to be the back section of Currie's.

George Behl said they will have a grand opening in about a month and will give away a TV.

Tentative hours will be 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.