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Todd-Wadena Electric to return $321,723 in capital credits

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative will be returning a total of $321,723.82 in capital credits to qualifying members this December, General Manager Robin Doege has announced. Capital credits represent members' equity in the cooperative.

The board of directors approved the retirement, which represents a portion of margins from 1994. Current and former members who received electric service from Todd-Wadena during the dividend period will be mailed checks in mid-December. The value of each member's capital credits, or equity, is based on patronage.

Prior to refunding credits, cooperatives use member equity to help build and maintain its capital-intense infrastructure, including poles, wires and transformers. Todd-Wadena distributes electricity to about 8500 members in the rural areas of Todd and Wadena counties and fringe areas of surrounding counties. The cooperative serves, on average, 3.7 members per mile of line.

Holiday Open House goes 'on the road'

Todd-Wadena has announced that this year it will take its annual Holiday Open House for its members "on the road" at three locations: at the Nimrod Community Center on Dec. 14, at the Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative office in Wadena on Dec. 15, and at the Browerville Community Center on Dec. 16. According to General Manager Robin Doege, the idea is to meet members where they are.

"In the past we've invited our members to come to our headquarters. For some, driving that distance just isn't feasible, so this year we will bring the coffee and cookies closer to them," he said.

Each event will be held from 1-4 p.m., with an informal question and answer session scheduled at 3 p.m.

"We look forward to another opportunity to talk with our members directly about some of the issues we've been highlighting in our monthly newsletter," Doege explained. "It's important to us that members be informed about legislation that will impact their bills. At the same time, we need to take time to say thanks and to celebrate the Christmas season."