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Tri-County recognized for National Acute Stroke Registry

Tri-County Hospital (TCH) was one of 18 Minnesota hospitals to receive the Paul Coverdell Award for National Acute Stroke Registry.

This award was founded for U.S. Senator Paul Coverdell of Georgia, who suffered a fatal stroke in 2000 while serving in Congress. The National Acute Stroke Registry was set-up through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reduce the nation's stroke burden by improving the quality of care provided. This program implements state-based registries that measure, track and improve the delivery and quality of stroke care.

Tammy Snyder, RN, inputs information from stroke patients at TCHC into the Minnesota Department of Health's Stroke Registry. That information is compiled along with other facilities data to further educate healthcare providers and improve care of patients with stroke diagnoses.

More than 700,000 Americans suffer from stroke each year with 25 percent of them leading to death. According to information from the American Stroke Association, stroke is America's third leading cause of death and a leading cause of severe long-term physical and mental disability. Tri-County Health Care is proactive in lessening these statistics. If you have questions or concerns about stroke prevention, contact Lois Miller at (218) 631-7485.